Whether your shipments need to travel across the country or just across town, Dart offers you a range of Advantage® Truckload Services to ensure they’ll arrive at their destinations quickly and cost-effectively.

Each customer’s needs are different. And, in many cases, Dart customers utilize a combination of our Advantage® Truckload Services.

To help us tailor a shipping solution to your company’s needs, call us today, 1 (800) 366-DART.


Dry Van Truckload

If your freight is in it for the long haul, our OTR nationwide delivery will get it there. Plus, we offer Regional and Short Haul service in many areas.

Dedicated Fleet

If you have a large amount of regularly scheduled freight, a Dedicated Fleet may be your most cost-effective option. You’ll not only have ready access to capacity that is specifically dedicated to hauling your freight, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of having drivers who are familiar with the route and have an opportunity to develop an excellent working relationship with the people they serve.


Dart Intermodal Service provides you with cost-effective, door-to-door truckload service by combining the low cost of rail with the flexibility of trucks.