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Have you gotten your fair share of
Advantage Bonus Bucks®?


Just add up the savings! The following example estimates the Advantage Bonus Bucks a contractor can save while driving 120,000 miles a year. Your numbers will likely vary.



Extra Profit
Reimbursed tolls and scale tickets $1,600/year (1.3¢/mile)
Labor savings at Pro Stop Truck Service, Inc. $2,400/year (2¢/mile)
Advantage® Fuel Network discounts $2,400/year (2¢/mile)
Tire discounts (about $40/tire) $   400/year (0.3¢/mile)

Save even more with a new truck
Save another $3,000 - $4,000 per year when you upgrade to a new truck from Highway Sales. (Typical savings compared to the cost of purchasing and financing through a dealer.)


Even more Bonus Bucks!

  • $20 bonus paid for perfect D.O.T. inspections
  • Referral bonuses
  • Pro Stop monthly specials

Save money with quick access to discount fuel prices on


Do you have internet connections? If so, you can search Dart's Advantage Fuel Network for the best deals on fuel.


It's easy! Just log on to "E-Driver" on Dart's web site and enter your driver number and password. Once you are logged in, click on the "Fuel Discounts" tab. Now select a location (city and state) where you want to search for fuel prices, and a radius (in miles from that location).


Hit the "Get Fuel Stops" button and the results will be listed in order from the least expensive fuel stop at the top, to the most expensive. All you have to do then is decide where to buy fuel and start collecting your Advantage Bonus Bucks!

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